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Highlander Union Building

The Highlander Union Building (HUB) is a gathering place where you and your friends can meet, eat, relax and study. It features dining and retail facilities, meeting areas, lounges and event spaces. The HUB also provides offices for the Associated Students of UCR, The Highlander, Graduate Student Association and various Student Affairs offices.


Student organizations, campus members and off-campus groups have the selection of hosting their meeting or program in any of the HUB conference rooms or surrounding outdoor locations. Highlander Event Scheduling can assist you with a reservation to make sure you have everything you need for the event.


The dining restaurants at the HUB offer a range of fare, from burgers, sushi and tacos to Chinese and Italian inspired cuisine. For those on the go, the Scotty's convenience store is a quick stop to pick up a snack. Dining Services also offers convenient catering for any event or gathering you're hosting on campus. For current hours of operation for HUB restaurants, click here.


The Highlander Union is a great location to gather with friends or to take it easy during a busy day of instruction, labs and discussions. The outdoor plaza and lounges provide shady sitting areas among the Union's landscape. So whether you choose to play a game of pool in Latitude Fifty-Five or watch what's on TV in the lounge, the Highlander Union has a lot to offer.


In keeping with the educational mission of the University, the Highlander Union has multiple lounge areas throughout the building to provide comfy places to study. The Union has wi-fi, food, outdoor/indoor space and lounges!

If you are a scholarly graduate student, theres also the Graduate Student Lounge on the third floor of the Union, which overlooks the Plaza and has a great view of the Box Spring Mountains.

During finals week, all available meeting rooms in the Union are open as study rooms, no reservation required. Each room has ample space for multiple study groups and most rooms have a dry-erase board.


HUB Notices

A Message from the Director of the HUB Regarding HEAT



The Highlander Union is a proud member of the Association of College Unions-International (ACUI), a non-profit organizaton focused on the work of those within the college union and student activities field. ACUI is committed to becoming the innoative, responseive and inclusive leader in creating progressive education, training and research in college unions and student activities to excel in meeting member needs, impacting student learning and enhancing campus communities. 

Role of the College Union

The union is the community center of the college, serving students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests. By whatever form or name, a college union is an organization offering a variety of programs, activities, services, and facilities that, when taken together, represent a well-considered plan for the community life of the college.

The union is an integral part of the educational mission of the college.

  • As the center of the college community life, the union complements the academic experience through an extensive variety of cultural, educational, social, and recreational programs. These programs provide the opportunity to balance course work and free time as cooperative factors in education.
  • The union is a student-centered organization that values participatory decision-making. Through volunteerism, its boards, committees, and student employment, the union offers first-hand experience in citizenship and educates students in leadership, social responsibility, and values.
  • In all its processes, the union encourages self-directed activity, giving maximum opportunity for self-realization and for growth in individual social competency and group effectiveness.

The union's goal is the development of persons as well as intellects.

Traditionally considered the "hearthstone" or "living room" of the campus, today's union is the gathering place of the college. The union provides services and conveniences that members of the college community need in their daily lives and creates an environment for getting to know and understand others through formal and informal associations.

The union serves as a unifying force that honors each individual and values diversity. The union fosters a sense of community that cultivates enduring loyalty to the college.

Adopted by the Association's general membership in 1996, this statement is based on the Role of the College Union statement, 1956.


El papel del Centro Universitario

El centro universitario es el centro de la comunidad universitaria que sirve de servicio a los estudiantes, la facultad, los trabajadores, los graduados e invitados. Por cualquier forma o nombre, un centro universitario es una organización que ofrece una variedad de programas, actividades, servicios y facilidades que, cuando se toman juntos, representan un plan bien considerado para la vida comunal universitaria.

El centro universitario es una parte integra de la misión educacíonal de la universidad.

  • Como es el centro de la vida comunal universitaria, el centro universitario complementa la experiencia académica por medio de una variedad de programas culturales, educacionales, sociales y recreativos. Estos programas suministran la oportunidad de balancear el plan de estudios y el tiempo libre como factores cooperativos en la educación.
  • El centro universitario es una organización estudiantil que valora participación en el proceso de tomar decisiones. A través de voluntarios, juntas, comités y el trabajo de los estudiantes, el centro universitario ofrece de primer plano experiencia en cuidadana y educa estudiantes en caudillaje, responsabilidad social y valores personales.
  • En todos sus procesos, el centro universitario abierta actividades dirigidas a uno mismo, dado la maxima oportunidad para realizarse y para el crecimiento personal del individuo con tespecto a su competencia en la sociedad. La meta del centro es desarrallo personal e intelectual.

Tradicionalmente considerado como "el corazón" o "la sala" del recinto, el centro de "hoy" es el lugar de reunión de la universidad. El centro proporciona servicios y conveniencias que miembros de la comunidad universitaria necesitan en la vida común y crea un ambiente para conocer mejor y entender mejor a otros por medio de asociaciones formales e informales.

El centro sirve como una fuerza unificadora que honra cada individuo y que valora la diversidad. El centro cultiva un sentido de comunidad que cultiva lealtad durativa bacía la universidad.


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