Directions to the HUB

Here's how to find us from the campus' closest main parking lots.

An online interactive campus map is available here.

From Lot 1
  1. Proceed east toward the Bell Tower.
  2. Continue past Costo Hall.
  3. Once you see the UCR letters in the plaza, you've reached the center of the HUB.

From Lot 6
  1. Make your way to the HUB by going north, past the Psychology building.
  2. On your left, you'll pass by the University Theatre (Humanities 400).
  3. Forward on your path will be Watkins Hall to your left and Rivera Library to your right.
  4. Continuing past the Bell Tower, the HUB will be in front of you on your left.

From Lot 13
  1. From lot 13, proceed west toward the Orbach Library, which is past the Chemical Sciences building.
  2. As you leave past the Orbach Library, you'll arrive to a courtyard in front of the Physics and Geology Buildings.
  3. From this location, follow the pathway heading southwest around the Science Laboratories 1 building.
  4. When you arrive at the Bell Tower at the end of Pierce Lawn, you'll see the HUB ahead of you on the right-hand side.

From Lot 24
  1. Using the sidewalk on Canyon Crest Drive, go south along the Amy Harrison Athletic Field.
  2. Make a left on the pathway before reaching CHASS Interdisciplinary North.
  3. Follow the stairs between Skye Hall and the University Lecture Hall and continue south past Skye Hall.
  4. The HUB will be directly in front of you.

HUB Building Map

UCR Campus overlooking HUB and Bell Tower