HUB RSO Fundraising Food Tent Program


RSO Food Sale Fudraiser

The Highlander Union Building's RSO Fundraising Food Tent Program is an opportunity for Registered Student Organizations to fundraise for their future programs! If interested, please review the packet below for information on how to reserve a space, general dates of operation and permit information.

RSOs are limited to the following types of sales:

1. Approved student members of RSO preparing and cooking food 
2. Student members picking up pre-prepared, packaged food from an approved off-campus vendor (Off-Campus Vendors are not allowed to cook on site in HUB Food Sale Tents)
3. Pre-packaged food, snacks, candy, etc

All students participating in the tent as part of the fundraiser must complete the Food Safety Training program provided by Environmental Health & Safety in addition to obtaining a Temporary Food Permit. EH&S and the HUB reserve the right to cancel any food sale at any time for health and safety reasons. 

HUB Food Tent Reservation Guide

Questions? Please contact or call (951)-827-3215

How To Book A Food Sale Tent

*Important Note: You can book RSO food sale tents each Tuesday at 9 a.m. for the upcoming two weeks on Wednesday. Food Sale Tents are available every Wednesday until the last week of instruction in the third week of every quarter. 

Step 1 :  [Visit:] This will bring you to the reservation system’s main page where you will use your UCR credentials to sign in. *Follow the sign-in instructions at the top of the page. 

Step 2:  Find the HUB FOOD SALES bar and look for the button labeled BOOK NOW.
Click on “book now” to begin your reservation. 

Step 3:  On the left-hand sidebar, locate the field where you will enter your preferred fundraiser date and time. Your start time should be 9:00 am and your end time should be 2:00 pm. 

Step 4:  Since you will be booking a specific space for your fundraiser, close the first bar labeled Let Me Search for a Room by clicking on the blue arrow in the white circle to the left of the text. When you close the first bar, a search bar will open right under, labeled I Know What Room I Want—use this search bar to bring up the specific spaces you need. 

Step 5:  Once you select an available food tent, a new page requesting your attendance and setup type will pop up. Up to six members may assist with the fundraiser. You may leave the setup type “As-Is”. 

Step 6:  After entering your attendance and setup, you will notice a temporary blue bar, Booking Added, stating your tent has been selected. Now that you have your tent selected, it is time to enter your fundraiser details. 

Step 7:  In Reservation Details, you will enter your event name, event type, contact information, and other event details. Note: Please try to include the food item you will be selling in your event name (i.e. Student Org’s Pizza Fundraiser). For your event type, please select Food Sale Fundraiser. 

Step 8:  Under Customer Details, please select your organization’s name under Customer* by clicking on the magnifying glass icon to the right of the dropdown menu. Proceed to answer the eighteen event questions. 

Step 9:  Then you will Submit your request. After you have successfully submitted your request, a new page will pop up stating your reservation was created. You will receive an email confirming the request was made but this is not an email confirming your sale—you will not receive a confirmation from our office until all requirements are met.