Cultural Event Funds 

The Highlander Union Building is responsible for the management of three funds meant to sponsor cultural event programs at UCR:

  • George C. Perkins (Endowment)
  • Cultural Events Fund (Categorized as "Gifts". This is a restricted fund subject to 19900 rules)
  • Fine Arts Productions (General Funds)

We have created a committee of staff and students to help determine how best to utilize these funds. For the purposes of this committee, we have defined "Cultural Events" as programs that enhance the cultural and intellectual experience of the UCR community. This process involves the submission of a Cultural Funds Request Form (see below) that helps the committee understand the nature of the request and how it relates to cultural events on campus. The committee will determine what fund is best suited for your request.

Review Criteria

The committee will review proposals based on the following criteria:

  • Expertise: The proposal's authors know what they are talking about. Their plans reflect a deep understanding of the problem they are addressing.
  • Commitment: The proposal reflects the organization's genuine priorities rather than being one of may programs it is currently managing.
  • Clarity: The proposal is clear about what the organization wants to do, why it is important and how it will be carried out.
  • Collaboration: The grantseeker has formed alliances with other organizations to advance their mutual goals. The people served by the proposed project have participated in its planning. All involved parties appear more interested in getting results than carving out turf.
  • Benefits: The organization is less concerned with underwriting its own needs and invested in improving UCR.
  • Approach and Execution: The grantseekers' thinking reflects a comprehensive strategy.
  • Tartan Soul: The proposal reflects the defined tenants of Tartan Soul: Integrity, Accountability, Excellence and Respect.

If funding is approved for your program, you will be required to submit a short post-event summary for the committee's records. This summary should include the attendance at the event, whether or not the goals of the event were met and any other details you'd like to share. The post-event summary should only be one to two paragraphs. 

Requirements and Limitations

  • Requests must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of event/program date.
  • All cultural fund requests for programs must be free for UCR affiliates.
  • Minimum request for committee consideration is $1,000. Maximum request is $3,000.
  • There is a maximum of $16,500 available every quarter.
  • UCR recognized student organizations and departments are only allowed to request up to $3,000 per quarter.
  • Alcohol requests will be denied.
  • If requesting funds for promotional items, committee must review all art prior to final approval of funds.
  • Funds are non-transferable. If your event is cancelled, you do not receive the funding .
  • If sponsorship is approved, you must place the committee's logo on all advertising. Logo will be provided to you in follow-up e-mail.
  • Note: Requests from student organizations must include a sponsoring department. A departmental sponsor is required in order to process Cultural Event Funds.

Questions? Please contact or visit the HUB administration office in HUB 353.

Cultural Funding Request Form 

Requests for submission must be sent at least 30 days before event date in order to be considered for funding.

Complete the online Cultural Event Funds Sponsorship Request form here.