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Highlander Union Governing Board

The Highlander Union is controlled by a student governing board that is advisory to the Chancellor through the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs. The Highlander Union Governing Board (HUB Board) consists of seven undergraduate students, two graduate students, one faculty member, one staff member, the HUB Director (ex-officio non-voting) and the Chancellor or their designate (ex-officio non-voting). The student members are nominated by ASUCR and GSA and appointed by the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs. 

The HUB Board is responsible for:
  • Developing all facility operations policies, approving all budgetary aspects (including annual budget, usage fees, etc.).
  • Developing usage policies for the facilities and approving special event requests.
  • Providing comment on HUB Programming, initiatives, operations, etc.
  • Approving an annual report developed by the HUB facility detailing the fiscal and management operations of the facility to the Chancellor and students.
HUB Meeting

2021-2022 Board Members:

  • Chair: Jeffrey Tran (Undergraduate)
  • Vice-Chair: Vanesa Gomez-Alvarado (Graduate)
  • Secretary: Angelina Chavez (Undergraduate)
  • Valeria Dominguez (Graduate Student Association President, Ex-Officio with Vote)
  • William Wang (Associated Students of UCR President, Ex-Officio with Vote)
  • Katie Vidueira (Graduate)
  • Dongwei Sun(Graduate)


  • Sean Ngyuen (Undergraduate)
  • Orlando Cabalo (Undergraduate)
  • Nelson Aguiar (Undergraduate)
  • Arshneel Kaur (Undergraduate)
  • Alex Ruiz (Staff)
  • Dr. Kerry Mauck (Faculty)
  • Brendan O'Brien (HUB Director, Ex-Officio w/o Vote)