Amplified Sound Policy

The use of amplified sound at the Bell Tower and Speaker's Mound is limited and prior approval is required. Per Campus Policy number 700-70:

"Any pre-advertised activity, activity requiring sound amplification, or activity which can reasonably be expected to attract a crowd of 25 or more must be scheduled in advance in the (HUB) Scheduling Office and is limited to the Bell Tower or Speaker's Mound area."

Amplified speech and music must be scheduled in advance with HUB Scheduling and is limited to:

  • Simultaneous events may occur 
  • Volume must not interfere with classes or other activities
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Winter Quarter Wednesdays (12pm-1pm and after 5pm): The sound level must not be higher than 80 decibels (c-weighting) at 50 ft. from Bell Tower when speakers are pointed North and no higher than 70 decibels at 50 ft. from the Bell Tower when speakers point in any other direction
  • Wednesdays (Fall and Spring Quarters): Limited to ASPB "Nooners" and may involve louder amplified activities
  • Weekends: Amplified sound must end before 10pm. Consideration of surrounding events and academic activities may result in amplified sound restrictions
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