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Book a Workshop

HUB Scheduling Virtual Workshops

Learn about managing virtual events, hosting virtual opportunities, and the basic HUB Scheduling information to prepare you to host virtual and in-person events! Feel free to email hubscheduling@ucr.edu with the date and times that best work for you! See below the workshop themes we offer!

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HUB Scheduling Information Sessions

Learn about HUB Scheduling basics such as reserving rooms through EMS, policies, guidelines, approvals, do’s and don’ts for a successful event, or about the frequently asked questions we receive as a department on the possibilities you have for hosting events at our spaces!

  • Basic HUB Scheduling Information Session 
  • Frequently Asked Questions Session
Zoom Virtual Event Sessions

Learn about all the endless possibilities using Zoom functionality to host successful virtual events, such as, hosting a practice session before your virtual event, the numerous functions to host a communicative virtual meeting event, and the successful functions to host a successful presenter/panel virtual webinar!

  • Zoom Practice Session Tutorial 
  • Zoom Pro-Meeting Session 
  • Zoom Webinar Session 
Virtual Zoom Event Ideas/Presentation Tips

Learn about the tips to present a captivating virtual presentation, learn about the numerous Zoom webinar event ideas you can use while understanding the functionality of a webinar, or come learn about the endless possibilities to host virtual events through Zoom services.

  • How to Give a Captivating Presentation, Virtually
  • Zoom Webinar, Understanding Webinar Functionality for Virtual Events
  • Virtual Zoom Event Ideas 

Not seeing a topic of interest? Reach out to us at hubscheduling@ucr.edu, and we will assist you in getting the information you need to schedule your next event with the HUB!