Directions to the HUB

UCR Campus overlooking HUB and Bell Tower

Here's how to find us from the campus' closest main parking lots.


From Lot 1

  • Proceed east towards the Bell Tower.
  • Continue past Costo Hall.
  • Once you see the UCR letters in the plaza, you've reached the center of the Highlander Union.


From Lot 6

  • Make your way to the HUB by going north, past the Psychology building.
  • On your left, you'll pass by the University Theatre (Humanities 400).
  • Forward on your path will be Watkins Hall to your left and Rivera Library to your right.
  • Continuing past the Bell Tower, the Highlander Union will be in front of you on your left.


From Lot 13

  • From lot 13, proceed west toward the Orbach Library, which is past the Chemical Sciences building.
  • As you leave past the Orbach Library, you'll arrive to a courtyard in front of the Physics and Geology Buildings.
  • From this location, follow the pathway heading southwest around the Science Laboratories 1 building.
  • When you arrive at the Bell Tower at the end of Pierce Lawn, you'll see the Highlander Union ahead of you on the right hand side.


From Lot 24

  • Using the sidewalk on Canyon Crest Drive, go south along the Amy Harrison Ahtletic Field.
  • Make a left on the pathway before reaching CHASS Interdisciplinary North.
  • Follow the stairs between the Surge Building and the University Lecture Hall and continue south past the Surge Building.
  • The Highlander Union will be directly in front of you.


Click here to see an online interactive map.