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Event Planning Tools

Ever try to fix the robotic arm on a space station 250 miles above earth? Neither have we. But we bet it's hard to do without the proper tools.

At the Highlander Event Scheduling Office, we can provide you with the proper tools to help you schedule and execute a successful meeting.

Advance Scheduling

* Reservations for general assignment classes will be available six weeks prior to the first day of instruction. Reservations for general assignment classrooms are not available the first full two weeks of instruction. Highlander Event Scheduling only reserves academic rooms after 6:00pm, on weeknights, for non-academic events. Academic room reservations are available from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm on weekends. Academic Scheduling has reserved the right to relocate rooms or cancel reservations until two weeks after the first day of the quarter. 

** Student organizations must complete the advance registration requirements from Student Life to keep a hold on reservations scheduled for the summer or the next academic year. If the group is not re-registered through the advance reservation process, then all reservations will be cancelled and appropriate fees will be applied.

Room Release Dates

Click here for more information on Release Dates

Event Planning Guide

We are currently working on a handbook that will assist you in the details necessary to hold a successful event here at UCR.  In the mean time, please check out UCR's Risk Management tips on Event Planning & Activities.