Highlander Union Voice

The Highlander Union Voice (HUV) is a collective union of HUB student staff ambassadors that utilize the HUB social media platform to spread awareness about any HUB administrative news and updates. HUV is dedicated to:

  • Absorbing social trends that pertain to student growth and development during their experience as UCR students.
  • Establishing a student status platform that can use, create, and produce any relevant HUB administration content.

Meet the HUV Ambassadors

HUV Ambassador - Maya Lakhu


Maya Lakhu

Hi, my name is Maya. I am an international student from Canada, and a third-year theatre, film and digital production major. Since I began at UCR I have been a part of the Greek Sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, which has been the most influential part of my time here. My favorite place to study is on the third floor of Orbach, and I have so many great memories of studying up there with friends!

HUV Ambassador - Rebecca Flores


Rebecca Flores

Hi! My name is Rebecca and I’m a fourth-year Creative Writing major with a minor in Spanish. I’ve used my time at UCR to work on personal growth and development, and I’ve discovered a lot about myself and the ways I learn. A favorite memory of mine at UCR is moving into the dorms my freshman year because, although it was scary at first, I made really good friendships and even more incredible memories!

HUV Ambassador - Paulina Renteria


Paulina Renteria

Hi, my name is Paulina and I am a first-generation Latina student! I am outgoing, enjoy traveling, and spending quality time with my friends. Fun facts: I am a Scorpio, my favorite color is Lilac, and I'm a foodie! My major is Psychology. I have worked for the UCR Athletics Department, HUB, and as a Research Assistant for a lab. One of my favorite memories is Spring Splash! It is always filled with good music and a good time with your friends.

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